Being our first pregnancy and planning to do a natural birth at a birth center, we knew we wanted someone who was knowledgeable, calming, and experienced. We were so glad we found Emily! She met with us several times before the birth to discuss the birth plan and answer questions. She was always very responsive to my emails and texts (usually within an hour). And during my long 40 hour labor, her friendly and calm personality was a breath of fresh air! She checked in if she hadn’t heard from me in awhile, and when I needed extra relief at home she came over and offered rebozo sifting and hip squeezes to relieve my back pain. Emily helped make the decision of when it was time to go to the birth center and gave the perfect amount of support while also allowing my husband to step in. To top it all off, our baby was born on Emily’s birthday and she said she couldn’t think of a better way to spend her birthday! We highly recommend!
— Nicole
Emily provided support to me and my family for the birth of our second child. When initially meeting, we had planned a birth center delivery, but for medical reasons I had to transfer care to an OB and be induced at 39 weeks. She helped guide me to an OB that supported a natural delivery despite the change in plans. When labor started Emily met us at the hospital and worked with me, my husband, and medical team in what was a very quick and intense birth. Emily’s gentle touch eased labor pains through pressure on my lower back and her calm presence was reassuring in the delivery room. She always knew exactly where I was in the labor process and helped communicate that to the nurses even when I was not able to. We so appreciated having Emily with us when we welcomed our baby boy. We were impressed with how well she worked with me and my husband to support us. Everyone should be so lucky to work with such a knowledgable person that is able to bring a sense of tranquility to such a chaotic time.
— Kristen
Emily was respectful, knowledgeable, kind, and reliable throughout the entire birthing experience. She met with me several times before my due date to discuss my birth plan. She was able to present me with information and issues I had not yet thought about, since this was my first pregnancy. As a result of Emily’s pre-planning, I felt safe and prepared for whatever may come during the labor. When the time came, Emily was easily reachable via phone, and rushed over as quickly as possible. She helped me stay calm during contractions, and made the right choice when advising me to get to the hospital. In the delivery room, she was a source of peace and calm reassurance. I would recommend Emily Frohmader to other first time mothers in a heartbeat.
— Erica
Emily was wonderful during my labor and birth. She provided constant support, and had many suggestions about ways to relieve pressure/discomfort. Emily’s presence was calm, and soothing. It was so comforting to have her support during labor. I highly recommend Emily for her knowledge, quiet strength, and soothing presence.
— Caitlin